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Joanna’s love of all things nautical inspires her watercolour paintings. She infuses her work with a sense of fun, depicting waterside scenes in fresh colour palettes. Joanna’s inspiration comes from the vibrant seaside villages of the Mediterranean, as well as the beautiful harbours and shorelines of the United Kingdom. She is never happier than when she is sitting on a boat or on the quayside, paintbrush in hand, capturing the beauty and character of the places she visits.


Joanna comes from a family of artists and won her first art competition aged four, painting a picture of Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee! She has continued to paint ever since, while pursuing adjacent careers in international diplomacy and then psychotherapy. Joanna has lived and worked in a number of European countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, France and Belgium. Each of these has provided artistic and cultural inspiration for her work. Joanna currently lives in Surrey with her family, and divides her time between the UK and the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, which provides much of her artistic inspiration.

Joanna was a finalist in the 2022 SAA Artist of the Year competition, with her watercolour painting of Barnes riverside in London.



Contact details

Telephone: +44 7752 700981

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